Andy and Miji Yoo Kim

Andy and I met while working for an advertising agency, about 13 years ago. It was my first job out of college, long before I started my journey in professional photography. I have seen Andy go from bachelor, to married, to married with kids. It's an incredible thing to see a friend's life evolve in such positive ways. One of the reasons I asked him and his family to be a part of #ThisIsFamily is because he has a big move to Seattle coming up for a new job with Amazon. It reminded me that life is made up of a million small decisions and a couple of big ones. Moving to another state is definitely a big one. For Andy and his family, they will most likely divide their memories into the time "before we moved up to Seattle" and "after we moved to Seattle." It hit me that this is the perfect time for a shoot, right before their new life begins. We chose one of their favorite family activities for our concept: cruising around Newport Harbor in a Duffy boat.

Andy and Miji Yoo- thank you for sharing your time with me. You have a beautiful family and I had a lot of fun spending time with you guys. You have raised two absolutely terrific kids. Good luck on the move to Seattle, it's going to be amazing.